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Arkiva Tropika is the online archive of the collection of Mimi Payne. This large collection includes a wide array of mostly pre-1970 menus, postcards, matchbooks, and paper ephemera souvenir items, mainly from Polynesian and other Exotic themed restaurants, hotels, nightclubs, bars, and the like.

Mimi can be contacted at aloha@

promotional table card / brochure from Hilton Hawaiian Village - Waikiki, Hawaii

Item added on December 11, 2006, 9:57 PM
Latest picture added on December 11, 2006, 10:13 PM

1960's promotional card/brochure for the Hilton Hawaiian Village. Front of card proudly mentions "locale of t.v.s' Hawaiian Eye" which aired from 1959-1963. Outdoor scenes of the show where shot on location at the Hawaiian Village every 6 weeks ( with the rest being filmed in Hollywood). Cricket Blake ( Connie Stevens) sang a song each week on the show, at the Shell Bar of the Hawaiian Village.

Inside of card/brochure features descriptions and photos of the Tapa Room (where Alfred Apaka played from 1955-1960), the Golden Dragon Room, the Shell Bar (where both Martin Denny & Arthur Lyman played), the Garden Bar, Village Luau, and the Makahiki restaurant.

1960's promotional card/brocure, front cover
1960's promotional card/brocure, inside page spread
1960's promotional card/brocure, inside left page
1960's promotional card/brocure, inside right page

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